Blogger’s block vs Raise Your Voice

It seems that every time I want to write about something, anything, about my life here in Brazil, about things that I find interesting, things I find weird, things I just want to share with my friends, I get a kind of a writer’s block: “will this really matter to anyone, wherther I write it or not?” But since I am not really a writer, I guess this is a blogger’s block.

The first time this happened to me – well, first time since I actually started this blog, because, before that, the ‘block’ was the permanent situation – it was back in July, when the Greek Prime Minister decided to do a referendum, for the first time in 31 years of modern democracy. I felt soooo irrelevant! So, instead of writing about my first time of moving to the other side of the planet, I started reading like a maniac about anything anyone had to say. Friends, family, people I didn’t necessarily agree with, economists, political analysts and random people alike.

Then it also happened with Syria and the immigrants, who are actually refugees, and people are finally paying attention to their situation and are finally caring about them, after years of suffering. Then the shocking incident of the Doctors without Frontiers hospital in Afghanistan happens. And I am just wordless.

I thought about writing about the current issues, but I felt truly incompetent. I mean, I’m quite smart; I can participate in a conversation and have good arguments. But I cannot write an objective article with legitimate sources that will inform and/or provoke anyone. So, I stick to my random thoughts and hope that by blogging, I can get them in a row. And it’s ok if no one cares *gasps in shock*.

Is this a writer’s failure? I think not. And this is not only my self preservation and self esteem speaking here. I cannot fail when I am not a writer. I do not even consider myself a blogger. I think I am more of a sharer. And, apparently, I like to use the word ‘I’.

Plus, I have recently concluded that a true writer should feel that she or he is the center of the universe. A writer’s thoughts are the most important in the world. I have only known one writer, my grandmother, who is an accomplished childrens’ and YA book author and she really proves my theory. Oh, how many Christmas dinners I’ve spent listening to her (same) stories (again and again and again).

And then I watch the film version of Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmush (loved it), where the Christopher Marlowe character of the film says that ‘Humility gets you nowhere’.

But does that mean that I am not fit to share my thoughts, unless I feel they are the greatest of them all? I guess I am not the one to judge. I only know my need. And I also know, that I wish that people spoke more about things that matter to them, things that move them and things that, when shared, they can positivvely affect other people. Facebook and memes are not exactly what I have on my mind. I think it’s more about people with humility, that have however important things to share and can inspire others, shy or not. First things first, we need to raise our voice; because it matters to us, not because it might matter to others. And then, magically, it will matter.

With this blog I am participating to the Blog Action Day, a movement that unites thousands of bloggers from all over the world, in order to discuss important issues, raise awareness and money for several causes. This year’s theme was RAISE YOUR VOICE.

We all have the power to create the world we want to see when we raise our voices online.

However, for many of our fellow bloggers, citizen journalists and writers, each post they share comes at great personal risk.

2015 has seen unprecedented attacks on those who publish their ideas online. This Blog Action Day we celebrate those heroes who raise their voice when faced with censorship, threats, and violence.

We will raise our voices to defend their right to raise theirs.

Learn more and read more from other significant bloggers on



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