Halfway drunk on a Wednesday night

or life in a house with 10 people and saying goodbye to two of them.

Step one:
Say farewell to one of the cutest-funnest-awesomest couple you’ve ever met. They are going traveling somewhere around central Asia, not really knowing exactly where and for how long. They have been living in the house for around two years. I’ve been living in the house for around two months. But in my big personal change, they have always been kind and smiling and given me comfort when I was lonely and tired. In a very short time they felt like family to me. We’ll miss you guys. ♡


Step two:
Start playing the guitars. There are a few in he house. Not all have full strings but it doesn’t matter. Not everyone knows how to play, but it doesn’t matter.
“Olga do you play the guitar?”
“I never learned how to”
“Yes but, do you play the guitar?”
“Here, now you do”.


guitars, cellphones and absent selfie skills

Step three:
Start playing improvised tinder drinking game.
How: One from the group needs to be in tinder. Then another one starts swiping with the approval of the rest. Then everyone drinks whenever a guy has a photo of a) body without face “aabsss!!!”; b) him with one or more girls “chickssss”; c) a cute dog or other pet “ooohh”; d) something adventurous and/or sporty like a motorbike or jumping in the water “oooh”; e) him with a baby or a child “cuuute”.

All you need is the right people and the right place. And then it’s all sweet as.
Halfway for life!

*post written on the phone while drunk on said Wednesday but wasn’t published because the attached media could not be uploaded. Woke up, saw what happened and decided not to edit nonetheless. I like drunk writing 🙂



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